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    The episode starts with Spider-Man walking into the Avengers Mansion.

    SPIDER-MAN: Sorry I'm late, guys, I just got into this fight with this guy named Kraven. Ugh, don't get me started on it....


    SPIDER-MAN: Why are you here?


    IRON MAN: Ignore him. Anyways, you didn't miss much. Just me and Hulk explaining the new recycling machine.

    SPIDER-MAN: Recycling machine?

    IRON MAN: [points to recycling machine] That thing. Cool, huh? I made it in between my fight with Crimson Dynamo and that thing with Thanos. You put any piece of trash into it and it recycles it into an Iron Man suit!

    SPIDER-MAN: Wow. Is that how War Machine got his suit? Heh.

    HULK: Haha! Bug Ma…

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    Welcome to a typical day at the Avenger Mansion.

    Meet the people of the Avengers Mansion.

    • Iron Man - The leader of the Avengers, though that is arguable
    • Captain America - The sad whiner stuck in the wrong time or whatever
    • Hulk - Don't make him mad, dude, he'll fricking go lugnuts
    • Spider-Man - The teenager who just can't seem to make a movie that ISN'T a box-office success.
    • Thor - The guy who thinks he's so great just because he's a god or whatever
    • Hawkeye - The archerer guy in the purple bird suit
    • Black Widow - The russian
    • Namor - The jerk
    • Nick Fury - The crazy old man always running around yelling "ASSEMBLE THE AVENGERS!" and "I AM SAMUEL L. JACKSON!!!"

    Now, this is just a promo, so don't expect FUNNY stuff. We're just showin' ya what to expect.

    So, B…

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    Leaving THIS Wiki

    August 15, 2012 by ElectricMayhem

    I'm leaving. Not forever, but for a long time anyway.

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    Marvel/DC Ideas

    July 22, 2012 by ElectricMayhem

    Okay, really quicks, NO THIS IS NOT AMALGAM! But Marvel versions of DC movies! Yeahuh!

    Iron Man version of Man of Steel

    • Iron Man = Superman
    • Pepper Potts = Lois Lane
    • Justin Hammer = General Zod
    • Ho Yinsen = Jor-El

    • Spider-Man = Batman
    • Alistair Smythe = Ra's Al Ghul
    • Mysterio = Scarecrow
    • Boomerang = Zsasz
    • J. Jonah Jameson = Commissioner Gordon

    • Spidey = Batman
    • Green Goblin = Joker
    • The Kingpin = Two-Face

    • Spidey=Batman
    • Kraven = Bane
    • Calypso = Talia Al Ghul
    • Black Cat = Catwoman (DUH!)

    A Capt. America version of Green Lantern

    • Cap = GL
    • Baron Zemo = Sinestro
    • Red Skull = Parallax
    • Arnim Zola = Hector Hammond

    Really, this is just the Catwoman movie. Lets face it, the only comic character in Catwoman WAS Catwoman, so I'm just gonna say this: Black Cat.

    Hmm.... theres not the man…

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