Welcome to a typical day at the Avenger Mansion.

Meet the people of the Avengers Mansion.

  • Iron Man - The leader of the Avengers, though that is arguable
  • Captain America - The sad whiner stuck in the wrong time or whatever
  • Hulk - Don't make him mad, dude, he'll fricking go lugnuts
  • Spider-Man - The teenager who just can't seem to make a movie that ISN'T a box-office success.
  • Thor - The guy who thinks he's so great just because he's a god or whatever
  • Hawkeye - The archerer guy in the purple bird suit
  • Black Widow - The russian
  • Namor - The jerk
  • Nick Fury - The crazy old man always running around yelling "ASSEMBLE THE AVENGERS!" and "I AM SAMUEL L. JACKSON!!!"

Now, this is just a promo, so don't expect FUNNY stuff. We're just showin' ya what to expect.


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