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    Thor the Thunderer

    July 27, 2013 by Fortanono

    Have at thee, villain! Thor, the God of Thunder, is finally coming to the FMCU! In this film, Thor and Loki are banished down to Midgard for their rivalry, and... well, you see what happens.

    Confirmed Cast:

    • Karl Urban as Thor
    • Patrick Wilson as Dr. Donald Blake
    • Eddie Redmayne as Loki
    • Paula Patton as Jane Foster
    • John Rhys Davies as Odin
    • Vin Diesel as Carl "Crusher" Creel

    Update 1: It is revealed that "Crusher" Creel will not be Absorbing Man in this contiuity, but he WILL play a major part.

    Update 2: A poster has been released:

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