Breaking News for Gary's Marvel Cinematic Universe

Hey there, movie goers! If you're enjoying Gary's Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, this is big info for you!

The creator, Gary the Gaget Dude, has hinted at both Ghost Rider and Daredevil movies! Here's exactly what he said;

"The future of my movie universe is pretty much planned out. Sequels will be coming out, Ant Man will show up eventually, and even Luke Cage shows up. We're gonna end the series with a bang, but I'll have some extra stuff before the end. Maybe even Johnny Blaze and the Man Without Fear will show up before the end."

So, does this mean we will be getting a Ghost Rider and/or Daredevil film? Write your thoughts down below. Hulk Smash and Thor of Asgard will be released soon, and Wolverine is currently being filmed. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned.

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