Okay, so this is a new series I'm making. I'm going to list the heroes, and then the villains, and lastly, the civillians. These are the characters that will be in the show.


  • Captain America - The dude from the 40's
  • Iron Man - The millionare playboy
  • The Hulk - A giant green beast
  • Thor - The brawny guy with an Australian accent
  • Wolverine - The dude with blades in between his knuckles
  • Spider-Man - The dude with spider powers
  • Mr. Fantastic - The stretchy one
  • Invisible Woman - Now you see her, now you don't
  • Human Torch - The guy who's on fire
  • The Thing - He's like Hulk, but can speak full sentances and can control his anger
  • War Machine - Iron Man's BFF who is a gun-totting Iron Man
  • Falcon - The S.H.I.E.L.D. agent that can fly
  • Black Widow - The sexy redheaded spy
  • Hawkeye - The bow and arrow guy
  • Ant-Man - The shorty


  • Red Skull - The red-faced freak who's obsessed with this blue cube
  • The Mandarin - The dude in robes
  • Loki - Thor's crazy adopted brother
  • Abomination - The power-hungry soldier who has freaky elf-like ears
  • Deadpool - The awesome guy with swords
  • Green Goblin - The insane Oscorp founder, owner and CEO who throws pumpkin bombs
  • Dr. Doom - The guy with the green hood and a weird helmet/mask
  • Iron Monger - Iron Man's rival who pretty much copied his Mark I armor
  • Thanos - The ape alien dude who want's Odin's glove thingy
  • Winter Soldier - Cap's BFF from WWII who got brainwashed by Red Skull's goons
  • Magneto - The guy with the weird helmet
  • Venom - The Spider-Man copycat


  • Nick Fury - The director from S.H.I.E.L.D. who always screams "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!"
  • Phil Coulson - The fan fav S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.
  • Maria Hill - The hot S.H.I.E.L.D. agnet
  • Erik Selvig - The scientist
  • Jane Foster - Thor's girlfriend
  • General Ross - The U.S. army general who hates Bruce Banner/Hulk
  • Odin - Ruler of Asgard and Thor's dad
  • May Parker - Spider-Man's over protective aunt
  • George Stacy - Captain of the NCPD
  • Gwen Stacy - George Stacey's daughter and Spider-Man's girlfriend
  • Betty Ross - Bruce Banner's GF and General Ross's daughter

Leave suggestions for more characters below ;)

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