This is a spin-off from The Uncanny X-Men, where Wolverine gets challenged by Sabertooth and sets out to find more about his past.


Its been 1 year since Logan quit the X-Men to find more about his past. He

Sabertooth taunting Logan on a monitor in the facility.

finds his old home in Canada, but soon gets attacked by Sabertooth. He goes to an abandonned Weapon X facility but gets attacked by his old group, Team-X!


  • Steve Bacic - Wolverine
  • Triple H - Sabertooth
  • Jason Behr - Deadpool
  • Dolph Lundgren - Omega Red
  • Zhang Ziyi - Lady Deathstrike
  • Karl Urban - Maverick
  • Bryan Cranston - The Professor
  • Batista - Cyber

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